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ROADKILL.NET has been providing services to the internet community since 1998. Specifically, we specialize in web access and hosting, and both email-only and full shell accounts. And Yes, we can host your domain, as well...

Our original idea was to provide vanity email accounts -- e.g. "critter@roadkill.net". This charter has grown to include providing highly secure shell accounts, as well as secure email access methods.

In addition, we wanted ROADKILL.NET to be a haven for those websites whose content might be too controversial or irreverent for some other ISP's to stomach. The owners are libertarians, and believe wholeheartedly in the concept of freedom of speech and expression. (That said, we do draw a line -- sites with illegal content, or sites that bring the FBI to our door with a search/seizure warrant are right out. We do have to look after our other customers, after all...)

Coming Soon! We are in the process of adding secure web services and shoppng cart services.

See our service matrix for a complete list of the services we offer, as well as pricing info.

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