CAT-5 o' nine tails

CAT-5 o' nine tails - Original CAT-5 o' nine tails

Just the thing for a net-admin... "Reward" those "stupid user tricks". Use it to threaten your servers. Perfect for that slavedriver you know as IT director...

Item #  CAT509
price:   $34.95
color:      black
weight:    20 oz
OAL:          38"
tail length:  26"
Available now!

The CAT-5 o' nine tails is made from genuine Category 5 8-wire 24 awg stranded twisted-pair cable. The handle is of "sticky" Vicon-40 with a rope weave grip pattern, and is very durable and flexible.

The standard model is available and shipping now. To place an order, please use our order form.

See also: CAT-5 o' nine tails - Professional Version

Note: These items are intended for, and sold as, novelty items only. Let us be the first to recommend against use of either model on humans. (or any other animals, for that matter...) That the "professional" model has practical connectivity usefulness is intentional. (To give you justification to get your purchase past your company's bean counters...)
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