CAT-5 o' nine tails

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CAT-5 o' nine tails - Professional Version
CAT-5 o' nine tails - Professional

For the network admin/analyst/technician who has all the tools -- well, they probably forgot this one...

Item #  CAT509P
price:   $49.95
color:      black
weight:    26 oz
OAL:          38"
tail length:  26"
Available now!

The CAT-5 o' nine tails - Professional is a multipurpose supertool -- it provides all the benefits of the standard model, and can actually be used for connectivity.

The "Professional" model is the same basic design as the standard CAT-5 o' nine tails, except that all "tails" are properly terminated with Category 5-compatible RJ45 connectors. The "tails" are paired to form four cables -- one each of the following cables: EIA/TIA 568A, EIA/TIA 568B, 10baseT/100baseTX crossover, and 100baseVG straight through. The ninth tail is connected to the RJ45 connector on the handle in the EIA/TIA 568A configuration. This handle connector serves as a handy storage attachment for the included CAT-5 RJ45 coupler.

All "tails" are color-coded with snagless hoods to indicate pairs belonging to the same cable. The hood color also indicates the type of cable, according to this color/cable-type table. Other variants with alternate cable combinations are available.

All cables are tested for proper connection and performance before and after assembly.

Great for function testing, for emergency connectivity, and for just keeping your users in line. Your toolbelt just isn't complete without one...

The Professional models are available and shipping now. To place an order, please use our order form.

See also: CAT-5 o' nine tails - Original version

Note: These items are intended for, and sold as, novelty items only. Let us be the first to recommend against use of either model on humans. (or any other animals, for that matter...) That the "professional" model has practical connectivity usefulness is intentional. (To give you justification to get your purchase past your company's bean counters...)
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