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So! You're wondering just what type of warped individuals come up with these things. You have to be -- we certainly are...

The truth is, we are just a pair of network administrators at a major Big Ten university, and we freely admit to being a bit twisted. But then, who isn't - the differences are just a matter of direction, relative rate of spin, degree of curvature, and angle of deflection. But enough geometry, er... philosophy -- it is this "off-beat" nature and a healthy sense of humor that keeps us going, and drives the ideas from the woodwork...

We've been accumulating crazy ideas for quite a while now, ideas that pop up in the middle of staff meetings, while fighting with balky hardware, while bemoaning paltry (or non-existent) maintenance budgets, other nutty decisions and dictates from 'upper management', and of course, the mother-lode: while pulling our hair out dealing with the inconsistencies, incoherencies, and basic design flaws of Micro$loth's various software atrocities. That these are fruitful grounds for our insanity must be obvious by now. And it is also no small wonder that we've come to worship Scott Adams for the visionary that he is. ;-)

(For those who have evidently been in seclusion for the last eight to ten years, Scott Adams is the author of the Dilbert comic series.)

And when we came up with the idea for the CAT-5 o' nine tails, we just knew we had to share it somehow. That, and in all honesty, the thought that we needed to augment our pitifully undervalued salaries while sharing the mirth did have some small impact on the decision...

We do hope you at least get a good laugh from some of the items we've come up with so far. (But we both know you really want one for yourself... ;-)

The creative juices are still flowing, so keep checking back from time to time. Some ideas are just too crazy for public consumption, but we have several nascent ideas on deck, and we plan on always having something new to share.

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