Service and Pricing List
Account Services Cost   Setup Charge
POP/IMAP Account
 1 email address, only
$2/mo     $15
Basic Website Account
 1 email address / website with 20mb storage
Executive Website Account
 up to 3 email addresses / website with 40mb storage
Domain Website Account
 Exec. + 1 shared-IP domain name
Private Domain Website Account
 Exec. + 1 private-IP domain name

Domain Services
Domain registration
 includes DNS w/ 3 changes
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Domain registration w/ account service
 includes DNS w/ 3 changes
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DNS Only - primary $5/mo$20
DNS Only - secondary $1/mo$5

Shadow domain hosting $1/mo$5
Mailing List $5/mo$10
Mailing List w/ digest $7/mo$15
email redirect $1/mo

Misc. Services
System Consulting / Special Arrangements $75/hr

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